„Zeszyty Komiksowe”
#10, October 2010:
Comics, and beyond

Zeszyty Komiksowe #10

Dear Comics Fans,

The issue that you are holding in your hands is devoted to experimental comics, i.e. the kind of comics which causes many sleepless nights to all those who are tired of cliches and banality so widespread in comic books. What we are talking about here are all kinds of experimentation: related to form, subject matter, and borrowing from other art forms. Unsurprisingly, many such a work cause strong emotional responses in readers and critics alike - which is precisely the point!

In this issue our magazine has also crossed an important line: it is the first markedly international issue. Articles have been contributed by authors from (aside from Poland, obviously) the United States (among them, Prof. John Lent, the founder and editor in chief of the „International Journal of Comic Art”), Germany, Greece and Estonia). We are also publishing comics created by authors from Bosnia, Estonia, Russia, France, Argentina, the United States - and, of course, Poland.

Last but not least, we are very proud to be publishing the first ever interview with Scott McCloud in Polish.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy this issue.

Michał Błażejczyk & Michał Traczyk

Table of Contents

Cover art: Tomasz Niewiadomski


Daniel Gizicki:
    ‟Leave the Boundaries of Comics Alone”

Jakub Woynarowski:
    ‟Towards an Open Form. Polish Comics in the Universe of Intermedia”

Pedro Moura:
    ‟The Boundaries of Comics” (interview) ***

Łukasz Czubak:
    ‟Scott McCloud - Short Introduction”

Scott McCloud:
    ‟What Is Comics Capable Of?” (interview) ***

Thomas Becker:
    ‟Formalism Is a Trap. Scott McCloud’s Philisophy of Comics” ***

Jakob F. Dittmar:
    ‟How Will Digital Comics Look Like?” ***

Jakub Jankowski:
    ‟Which Way Now? Comics on the Walls”

Jakub Woynarowski:
    ‟Orbis Pictus: Beyond Orthodoxy” (interview)

Jonathan M. Gray:
    ‟Comics and Performance: Experimentation and Research” ***

Aleksandra Duralska:
    ‟Blending of Comics and Photography in Shaun Tan’s The Arrival

Paweł Sitkiewicz:
    ‟Uneasy Beginnings. Comics and Film at the Turn Of 20th Century”

Łukasz Czubak:
    ‟Creativity Through Constraints. About the Constrained Comics Movement”

Agata Michalak:
    ‟Life As Comics”

Piotr Szreniawski:
    ‟Experimental Comics Meets Itself”

Bartosz Sztybor:
    ‟Chris Ware: The Smartest Artist On Earth”

Michał Traczyk:
    ‟How Does Yellow Sound?”

Mari Laaniste:
    ‟(Meta)Writing With Images” ***

Evangelia Moula:
    ‟Dialogue With Tradition. A Comics Adaptation of Iphigenia” ***

Tomasz Pstrągowski:
    ‟Everyday Life of an Elf. The Comics Diary of James Kochalka”

Jacek Świdziński:
    ‟Limits of a Testimony / Testimony of a Limit. Yossel. April 19, 1943

John A. Lent:
    ‟Interconnectivity of Asian Traditional (‘Fine’) Art and Comic Art” ***

Filip Bąk:
    ‟Balloon Forms in Comics”


Pierre Jeanneau:
    ‟Week-end chez Clément” and <untitled>

Janek Koza:
    ‟Signs”, ‟Wolność”, ‟Znaczenie” and ‟Kamera”

Jorge Opazo:
    ‟Royal Navy Sea Harrier and the Birds” and ‟A Day in the Life of Cardboard Monster”

Marcin Sikorski:
    ‟Tribute to ‘Come Pick Me Up’”

Agnieszka Piksa:
    ‟Ludożercy na wolności” and ‟Kobiety marnej kondycji”

Jakub Woynarowski:
    ‟Maszyny samotnicze”

Jonathan M. Gray:

Elina Kasesalu:

Tomasz Niewiadomski:
    <untitled> [experimental SF comics dated 1991]

Bartosz Żołyński:
    ‟Vandalis Fantasm” and ‟Tęcza nad Melbourne”

Łukasz Kuś and Mateusz Marek:
    ‟Zdania, sentencje i aforyzmy”, ‟Szczęśliwe obłoki” and ‟Stanąłem na Marszałkowskiej”

Paco Ulman:

Marek Turek:
    ‟Grono gniewu”

Veiko Tammjärv:
    ‟Still Life”

Magdalena Rucińska and Michał Schmidt:

Majo Pavlovic:
    ‟Days of Sorrow”

Edward Kulemin:


Przemysław Zawrotny:

Tomasz Kontny:
    List of Comics Published by Polish Authors: May 2009 - July 2010
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