‟Zeszyty Komiksowe”
Issue 24, September 2017:
New Generation of Polish Comics Artists

Zeszyty Komiksowe #24

Table of contents

Dear Readers,

Talking about generations in art may seem suspicious. A couple of decades ago, this concept made it easier for scholars to organize research material and to propose syntheses. Today, in the era of Internet and lightening-fast information flow, rapid turnaround in trends, and significantly broader publishing opportunities than 15-20 years ago - and, what goes with it, opportunities to raise to prominence, if not on mass scale, than at least in the comics community - this concept seems to be more of a hinderance. Why? Because everything that we listed above causes the obvious elements of generational changes of the past (birth date, common aesthetics, ideological struggle with predecessors) to be replaced by a far-reaching individualization of experiences. Everything mixes together and overlaps; lasts for a short while and then goes away. What never changes is the fact that new artists continue to appear, and that - in our opinion, at least - there is still the need to compare, contrast, and group them, the goal being synthesis which seems to have less and less value in the research community.

In this issue, we decided to stop short of theorizing and give artists a voice. We reached out to those who, in our opinion, can be labelled ‟The New Generation”, even though they all have very different approaches to art and to publishing strategies. Some can be considered ‟mainstream” and are more (Podolec and Kucharska) or less (Skrobol) active; one artist bridges the mainstream with the alternative (Krztoń); finally, one artist has strong underground roots (Okrasa) and one more publishes online (Witerscheim). This section is concluded by interviews with Wojciech Szot (publisher of the ‟The Polish Comics” collection) and with the young collaborators of ‟Zeszyty Komiksowe” who are roughly the same age as the young artists we interviewed and who, by their mere presence and engagement in our editorial collective, are also proofs of changes that were unthinkable just a few short years ago. What many of our readers will probably find striking is the strong representation of female artists, quite atypical of the quite mysoginistic Polish comics scene. We decided to turn the typical gender proportions on their heads to underline the growing numbers of women comics creators in our country.

This issue of ‟Zeszyty Komiksowe” is not, however, devoid of analytical articles - there is a strong bloc of such features, unrelated to the main topic. We are also publishing, for the first time in our history, a work of fiction! The issue is completed by several illustrations and comics, including one by Krzysztof Gawronkiewicz, one of the most prominent Polish artists.

We hope you will enjoy this issue of ‟Zeszyty Komiksowe”,

Michał Błażejczyk and Michał Traczyk

Table of Contents

Design: Dennis Wojda
Cover art: Marcin Podolec

New Generation of Polish Comics Artists

Comics: Credit By Jakub Babczyński
I Draw from Life Interview with Marcin Podolec conducted by Tomasz Pstrągowski Marcin Podolec is one of the most prolific and popular Polish comics artists of the young generation. In this interview he talks about his projects and his approach to reportage (his favorite genre), to storytelling and art, and to feedback from his readers
Comics: Sketchbook By Krzysztof Gawronkiewicz
Such A Tiny Krztoń Interview with Anna Krztoń conducted by Dominika Gracz and Maciej Gierszewski Anna Krztoń, illustrator and comic book author, talks about the beginnings of her promising career: art education, small-press self-publishing, her preferred genre: auto-biographical works, and winning Gildia’s comics contest. Krztoń also works in an animation studio.
I Make Comics Because I Dig Comics Interview with Sebastianem Skrobolem conducted by Aleksandra Sikorska Sebastian Skrobol, another representative of the youngest generation of artist interviewed in this issue, talk about his past and current projects that include art for mobile games, illustrations, and tattoo design.
Illustration: Szczuroptor By AnFau
An Illustrator Must Be Ready to Accept Criticism Interview with Nikola Kucharska conducted by Maciej Gierszewski Nikola Kucharska, a young full-time illustrator, focusing so far on picture books for children, talks about art education, the beginnings of her career, perseverance, luck, hard work, and getting better with every publication.
Comics: Exist By Monika Laprus-Wierzejska
Characters Create My Stories Interview with Katarzyną Witerscheim conducted by Dominika Gracz and Maciej Gierszewski Katarzyna Witerscheim, a young Polish comic book artist, talks about Internet comics (this is where she publishes most of her works), feminist comics in Poland today, publishing abroad, and best advice for those who would like to join this profession.
I Work in a Very Cool Corporation Interview with Barbara Okrasa conducted by Dominika Gracz In this short interview, Barbara Okrasa talks about feminist comics in Poland, and about her current and future artistic projects.
Illustrations: Boar Cubs By Barbara Okrasa
We Can Still Change Something! Interview with Wojciech Szot conducted by Maciej Gierszewski Wojciech Szot is a co-owner of Gildia.pl, one of the biggest Polish web portals (and on-line book stores) devoted to comics and literature and one of the people behind Wydawnictwo Komiksowe, a comic book publishing company. He talks about his publishing activities and comic book contests organized by Gildia.
Comics: Invention of Time By Tomasz Niewiadomski
The Mythical Young Interview with young members of the editorial collective conducted by Michał Błażejczyk Dominika Gracz, Krzysztof Lichtblau, Hubert Możdżeń and Konrad Pepłowski are four young people who recenty joined the team of „Zeszyty Komiksowe”. Michał Błażejczyk, the editor in chief, asks them a few questions about their path towards comics and the magazine.
Illustration: By Katarzyna Olbromska
‟Face-Off Between Czech Detective and American Gangster in a Burning Warehouse”
Beginnings of Czech Adventure Comics
Tomáš Prokůpek (translated by Paweł Adamiak) This article is a slightly corrected version of one of the chapters from Dějiny československého komiksu 20. století (History of Czechoslovak Comiks in 20th Century) published by Akropolis in 2014.
Illustration: Dreams By AnFau
Looking Through Fragments
Regards From Serbia – Aleksandar Zograf’s Comics Diary
Justyna Czaja When creating his comics about war in Serbia, Aleksandar Zograf took an approach profoundly different than that of Joe Sacco: subjective, emotional, often full of black humor. His work does not form cohesive stories - it’s a collection of fragments through which we get a glimpse of horrors of war. This article is a reprint from ‟Images” 2012, issue 19, vol. X, pp. 57-65.
Death in Comics
Dying in the Eyes of a Child
Łukasz Słoński This article attempts to describe a child’s experiences in dealing with death of a beloved person. Based on studies from the field of tanatology, the text analyzes Burying of Lucia by Benoît Springer and When David Lost His Voice by Judith Vanistendael. The author tries to describe how these works show and tame the concept of death and dying.
Comics: Mother’s Snails. The Dream By Beata Sosnowska
Darwyn Cooke: Comics in Style Lumi-Noir Tomasz Żaglewski This article offers a detailed look into the legacy of Darwyn Cooke – one of the most original North American comic book artists in recent years – from the perspective of the philosophy and aesthetics of film noir. This distinct style, invoked many times by Cooke himself as a source of his inspiration, turns out to be used in his works in quite unexpected ways. Dark and pessimistic motives, typical of noir aesthetics, are enriched by more optimistic tones, forming a quite unique mix that can be referred to as lumi-noir.
A Dark Reboot Michał R. Wiśniewski „Zeszyty Komiksowe” is publishing – for the first time in its history – a work of fiction: Michał R. Wiśniewski’s modern take on arguably the best known characters of Polish comics: Tytus, Romek and A’Tomek.
Illustration: On The Inside By Agnieszka Gojska
Illustration: On The Outside By Agnieszka Gojska
history in Comics Marek Starosta Account of the exhibition Memory and Narrative. Polish Historical Comics presented during Napoli COMICON 2017 in Naples, Italy. Exhibition included works of prominent Polish artists such as Grzegorz Rosiński, Bogusław Polch, Krzysztof Gawronkiewicz and Przemysław Truściński.
Comics: Adventures of Irena By Krzysztof Otorowski
Two Projects Paweł Gąsowski Review of Michał Wróblewski’s book entitled Powieść graficzna. Studium gatunku w perspektywie kognitywistycznej
(Graphic Novel. Study of a Genre from the Cognitivist Perspective)
Jerzy Wróblewski Seen By Maciej Jasiński Adam Rusek Review of Maciej Jasiński’s book entitled Jerzy Wróblewski okiem współczesnych artystów komiksowych
(Jerzy Wróblewski in the Eyes of Contemporary Comics Artists)
Rozdwojenie monografii Michał Traczyk Review of Marcin Jaworski’s book entitled Urodzony, żeby rysować. Twórczość komiksowa Jerzego Wróblewskiego
(Born to Draw. Comics Works of Jerzy Wróblewski)
Seventh Path Przemysław Zawrotny Review of Bartek Glaza’s comics entitled Tylko spokojnie
(Be Quiet)
In Short Damian Kaja
List of Comics Published by Polish Authors Tomasz Kontny
Illustration: Play By Łukasz Żur
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